5 Top Tie Tips

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My personal tastes have changed dramatically over the years and in turn, my tie’s of choice have varied. From my Bart Simpson tie (which was super cool) when I was seven, to the skinny ties I wore in my late teens. My ties have always been a reflection of my character.

There are so many different ways to wear a tie. First and foremost, your tie should say something about yourself. A visual guide to your mood or character, in a time where most suits tend to be quite dark and formal. A tie can be the best way to express yourself in an environment, where looking uninformed is the requirement.

I have also learnt a few tips along the way allowing me to wear a tie like a sartorial prince. Below I have shared 5 of these with you.

1. Length

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On a list of things most often done wrong in tailored menswear, wearing a tie at an incorrect length would likely rank in the top 3.  Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix.  Just as easily as a man can wear his tie at an incorrect length, he can also wear it at a correct length.  So, ‘how long should I wear my tie?’ you may ask.  Ideally, the tip of your tie should end in the middle of your belt buckle or waistband. For flat end ties, such as knit ties, it is best to have the tie end at the top part of your waistband.

However, I have noted in recent years that Italian ties tend to run long. I think this is because many Italians like to wear a big knot, and that may involve a few extra loops. Personally, I would keep wearing your tie as you have in the past. The last thing you want to do is get your tie stuck in your fly or pee on the thing.

2. Knot


The knot you use on your tie is important. It should reflect the collar of your shirt and the size of your head. I tend to use either a Half Windsor or Prince Albert knot most days.

If I can, I’ll try to avoid big, chunky knots we use to see so many footballers sporting in the early 2000’s. A small, elegant knot such as the Prince Albert knot adds a sophistication which is lacking with a chunky Full Windsor.

And, do not forget that every knot should have a neat dimple as well. The dimple is the little hole in the tie which is visible just below the knot. It is easily done by placing a finger in the middle of the tie under the knot when tightening and adjusting it.

3. Width

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Look at the lapel of your jacket and then the width of the tie. At it’s widest point, your tie should be about the same as your lapel, which is 2 ½ inches for your average suit. Give or take a half inch of wiggle room, that means a one inch lapel does not work with a 3-inch tie

4. Compliment neigbours


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It’s not just the tie that you can use to express your style. The way you choose to wear your tie or rather, what you wear it with can have a dramatic effect.

Pocket squares are a personal favorite of mine and I rarely wear one without the other. How you match your tie to your pocket square can result in a unique look. The only rule I adhere to is to try not to match your tie and pocket square in colour and pattern. One of my biggest pet hates is seeing a tie matched with a pocket square made out of the same exact material and pattern.

Lapel pins, tie bars, cufflinks and even collar bars are also available to add detail to your look. Just try to keep your metals matching if possible.



5. Storage


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The key is to first unknot the tie completely. If possible, you want to hang it neatly from a tie rack to keep it from becoming creased, damaged or misshapen. Then, cover the entire rack with a dust bag. If you don’t have a place to hang your neckties, roll them from end-to-end starting with the smallest end, and put them in a box or plastic bin. This should only be a temporary solution until you find a place to hang them. While in storage, remember to avoid light and humidity at all costs.

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