Outfit Of The Week #11


Hello you wonderful human being out there in the internet world…..

 So welcome back to this latest installment to our Outfit Of The Week series. Quick question before we get into it… Is it bad that I don’t actually do these as a weekly thing? Maybe I should change it to Outfit Of The Month or Outfit Of The Fortnight even. The other option would be to actually do one of these on a weekly basis but as all of these options seem to require a degree of work I think I’ll just pretend that no one really cares and keep things the way they are.

And we’re back in the room. So I hope you have been positively stupendous since our last little chat, I know I have. Fast cars, beautiful women are things that my life does not contain. But you know what it does contain? Some beautiful cufflinks, elegant ties and quite possibly the only friend I have left (as I actively neglect everyone to build this fashion label) and a regular feature to this series, @lordcharmantas.

If you want to get in contact for a chat or maybe audition to be my friend you can get to me @sebastian.ford@memysuitandtie.com….. Trust me it’ll be the easiest job you’ll ever get. In fact its yours already. High five (enter your name here) new best friend!!


So Autumn had well and truly sprung when I poked my head through my bedroom curtains on this particular Sunday morning. To be honest, I’m not sure if ‘sprung’ is the right word to use when describing the arrival of Autumn. *Googles correct wording……. Ok, so Autumn had well and truly fallen (still not sure) and for the first time since the brief and ever unreliable British summer had started there was a layer of dew glittering on the grass outside.

I stood there for a while  with my head still peeking out between my curtains in a fashion not too dissimilar to the way my neighbor ‘Nosey Suzanne’ does everytime someone opens an annoyingly  squeaky gate at the bottom of my garden. I saw a gray squirrel running around with a large nut held in its mouth, behind it leaving tiny footprints as it scurried across the lawn and up a large oak tree which seemed to have lost most of its leaves quicker than my uncle Stu’s hair after his divorce last year.

Exactly 34 minutes later I was eating my breakfast  when I received a call from Charlie. And before I could even utter a single word he proceeded to launch head strong into a detailed account of his ‘crazy’ evening he had experienced the night before. After enduring 14 minutes or so (which I’ll never get back) of this somewhat disturbing anecdote he informed me of a new suit he had acquired and 14 minutes later (exactly an hour after I had left Mr Squirrel to find a hiding place for his acorn), we were strolling through Windsor Great park with my camera in hand for another Outfit Of The Week.




The new three piece Charlie was sporting was another beautiful addition to his formal wardrobe. It was a single breasted, two button suit and like always, was tailored to perfection. A bluey-grey colour with a soft brown check running throughout, the decision of what Style Box to pair it with was a no brainer.

A good tip when deciding what tie or pocket square to wear is to actually look at the colour of the suit material. True, most suits tend to be blue, grey or black, but the trick is to look deeper. Many of these suits contain subtle flecks of colour within the material which, when matched with a similar colour tie, can result in a beautiful looking combination.

Following this simple rule, I styled my (still drunk from the night before) model with my new personal favourite, The Tobacco Style Box.



The Tobacco Style Box was designed around its feature piece, a rich brown silk/wool tie. Alongside, it also contains a woolen pocket square, a brown leather belt, striped socks and pair of two-tone gold and silver cufflinks. To see it in more detail you can click here and if you do happen to own a suit with brown in its material, then I seriously suggest you consider investing in this new Style Box, right now.

In fact, brown is one of the most versatile colours there is when considering what colour to wear. Blue, cream, navy, grey and green all work superbly well with it. I can see this Style Box doing very well…..





So back to my little story and to be honest there isn’t much more to tell. The effects of the night before soon started to take their toll on my previously enthusiastic model. His optimism at this beautiful crisp morning faded and his energy drained from him quicker than my ex-girlfriend draining all happiness and hope out of any room she enters.

I did however, manage to get some good snaps before Charlie metamorphosised into the walking dead which, as it happens, turned out pretty well.

So that’s all folks. Hope you liked this latest edition to my Outfit Of The Week series. Like always any comments or questions are warmly welcomed. Unless of course, it is a criticism of which I don’t really care for as it will probably ruin my day due to my over-sensitive nature.  Apparently, it’s a result of the way my mother raised me but that story is for another day…..

Till next time…..

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