Pocket Square – Pink / White Floral

£10.00 £7.50

Simple yet elegant, this light weave cotton pocket square will add an extra touch of class to any outfit.


When it comes to must-have accessories this pink floral pocket square from Me My Suit & Tie is a definite wardrobe essential and can be matched with a tailored fit suit and a contrasting tie to create the sharpest of business looks.


Heading out open necked? Pop this square into the pocket of one of your jacket for an instant dash of understated style.


 Shake up your look by switching from a classic presidential fold to something a little more casual like the puff fold.



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  • Material: Sill Satin
  • Design: Pink and White Floral
  • Size: 30cm by 30cm
  • Standard Shipping: £2
  • International Shipping: £7

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