Our story

Hello and welcome to our ‘about’ page. We have been assured that this page on a website always tends to be one of the more popular and, as you are reading this right now, we can only assume our marketing dude must be absolutely right.


So what do you want to know about us? Well, let’s think for a moment… It is probably best to start with the team. There are four of us. A bit like the Fantastic Four, but without all the cool superhero abilities. However, we’d like to think we have our own unique talents that are equally as impressive. That is unless you are in some sort of life-threatening situation, in which case, sorry to let you down.


Admittedly, our powers are less exciting than those found in the comic book worlds of Marvel and DC, but we like to think they are far more practical for those living in the real world. They are our love for fashion and eye for detail. Honetsly, we suspect that it won’t be long before Professor X makes his way to the front door of Me My Suit & Tie headquarters, and asks us to style his team. This may seem farfetched, but we often called upon for help in a style crisis.


By using our sartorialist expertise, we are able to give you help with what to wear and provide advice on exactly how to wear it. Whether it is for a wedding, job interview or simply a night out, the team at Me My Suit & Tie have helped and continued to help men of all ages dress with personality and individuality. With looks that are both unique and sophisticated, we are able to show you how to stand out for all the right reasons.


From our outfit of the week tips and essential interview guides right through to our video tutorials, that address all the finer details, our mission is clear and constant. To empower and fill the men of the world with the confidence to aim for the stars, and join us on our journey towards sartorialist enlightenment.


By listening to feedback that we receive from our audience, we have been able to address many day-to-day pains, such as how to match your suit with your shoes or how to fold your suit for travel.


Since founding Me My Suit & Tie, we have found that the war against bad style is a never ending one and the demand for help and advice is now an everyday occurrence. As the battle against outfit confusion grows, so shall Me My Suit & Tie. Our underground lair, which may or may not be situated somewhere in Windsor, is currently a hub of activity. Powered by a strong combination of passion for fashion and caffeine… lots and lots of caffeine, secret designs are currently being finalised for the launch of Me My Suit & Tie’s essential fashion accessories. Critical tools for the man who wants to take on the world.


Our beautiful online shop is ready to go, which will be available for those in need. A safe haven for those suffering from such tribulations as embarrassing ties bought by distant family relations. A place where you can venture into with complete confidence that you will be shown how to dress like a man, ready for anything life throws.


Alongside our already popular tutorials on pocket square folds and our tie knot series, we will be offering the opportunity to purchase beautiful accessories, suitable for any occasion. So when you have that life-changing job interview coming up, Me My Suit & Tie have you covered.


Our website is the reality of a dream born from passion. A passion for dressing well and a belief that looking good can encourage the confidence to be whoever you aspire to be. The reality is that not all superheroes wear capes… But being the best person you can be is pretty super as far as we’re concerned.  


We hope to have you join our band of sharply dressed gentlemen. We are still awaiting responses from Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, but are sure it won’t be too long.


Thank you, from team Me My Suit & Tie.

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