MMS&T Outfit of the Week #9

So, I would like to start off by apologising for this much shorter addition to the Outfit of the Week collection. Usually, I have much more time to construct my weekly blog but as we draw closer to launch there is much more on my metaphoric plate. Although the writing may not be as Shakespearean as usual, the outfit is sharp and the photography - taken by the talented Ian Jones - is as strong as ever.

This week’s outfit, the 9th in the series comes about on what I suspected to be one of the last warm and sunny days of the year. It was the perfect day for my light grey, Prince of Wales Checked suit. Being a lighter material it is perfect for a weather pattern that seems to change its mind as much as my ex-girlfriend. It is not as heavy as a 100% woolen suit but equally not as light as my linen number. Basically, if ‘Goldilocks’ was choosing a suit that day (presumingly, attending a court appearance for breaking and entering), she’d have chosen this one.

To be honest the main reason I mention the weather is because I want to justify the sunglasses. I wore them for their protection against harmful UV rays… not because they are quirky and help to give the illusion that I am much cooler than I actually am. And definitely not because I am sick of looking at high definition images of bags under my eyes and crows feet that are becoming more and more prominent every time I edit a photo of myself for your viewing pleasure/ish.

Throughout the summer, I have been sporting colourful combinations, noticeably bright oranges and greens. This is often the way throughout the summer season. The world looks brighter and in turn so should you. But, as the weather cools and makes way for grey skies I often find myself turning to darker, less flamboyant combinations. I guess it is a perfect reflection of my mood as the depressing reality of the upcoming months dawns on me. Oranges and greens are replaced with greys, browns and blacks as I look to hibernate the flamboyant side of my wardrobe until spring next year.

I kept the accessories simple. You can never go wrong with a classic silver tie bar. The danger with accessories is you can run the chance of overloading the look. Try not to put too much on. If you do decide, like I did, to wear a tie bar with other accessories, making sure that each item is simple is the key. Matching a straight fold white pocket square with a straight tie bar creates a nice visual effect. Remember when attaching you tie bar, ensure that you place it between the third and fourth button as I explained in my blog The Rules of the Tie Bar and Lapel Pin.

The Lapel Pin is a silver Fleur-de-lis. For those of you who don’t know, Fleur-de-lis is French and translates into English as “flower of the Lily”. Although, traditionally used by French royalty it is now a symbol used by rulers and heads of states throughout the world.

I like it because it is simple, clean and looks good. The fact that it represents perfection, light, and life is a nice touch but to be honest, I didn’t know this until after it became a personal favourite of mine. Suitable to be worn with almost any outfit it is a great addition to any wardrobe and as it happens, was my first choice when preliminary designs were drawn up for our launch collection.

So there it is, my Ninth Outfit Of The Week. Again apologies if the writing feels rushed but that’s because well… it is rushed. I hope you managed to get some positive feeling from reading this and looking at me trying my best to pose like a  Popstar Rockstar Moviestar Shootingstar normal human being.

I am now off to join the rest of the team in finalising the finishing touches to our launch collection of Style Boxes. Excited is an understatement, I can’t wait for you to see them. Remember folks, the devil is in the detail and very soon we will be supplying you with so much detail that the world will seem like an old fuzzy VHS compared to you.

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