To be honest I was hoping to spend my Saturday, out of my suit, relaxing on the sofa with a cup of tea and stroking Piper (no that is not a euphemism, its my beautiful black Labrador). This dream was quickly dashed when I received a call from one of my good friends, and one of Me My Suit & Tie’s models, Kier. He had some important meeting or something in London and asked me if I fancied tagging along. I know he is always exquisitely dressed so I jumped in the shower, bid goodbye to my rather disappointed looking pooch and grabbed my camera on my way out the door.

Kier never disappoints and, as usual, looked slicker than my hair in secondary school. He was wearing his beautiful double-breasted linen suit which he had paired beautifully with his Me My Suit & Tie’s Heart Of The Sea Style Box.

And of course, true to form, the bright blue morning I woke up to and which promised so much gave way to ominous-looking grey clouds. Luckily Kier had remembered his umbrella, because it not only rained cats and dogs, but horses and cows at the rate it was falling. It almost made me wonder if we had pissed off the big man upstairs again and who was punishing us with another flood. I quickly started scouting the landscape around me for high ground. Yes, I am that short.


Again, my tendency to overreact was highlighted. Just as I was half way through my online order for 20 tonnes of timber, the rain stopped and again the sun crept out as if playing a solar game of hide and seek. Kier of course, remained completely calm throughout the entire environmental shift.


One of the reasons I loved shooting Kier on Saturday was because The Heart Of The Sea Style Box is one of my personal favorites. I was glad to get the opportunity to shoot it outside of the studio out in the capital. The width of the lapels on Kiers beautiful suit jacket covers much of the outer jacket pocket where the pocket square sits. However,  this didn’t take anything away from the overall look and I actually liked the way the pocket square poked out from behind the lapel. I had only ever worn The Heart Of The Sea Style Box with darker colour suits with slimmer lapels, and it was nice to see how versatille this particular subscription box is.


I left Kier to his important meeting and made my way home for my meeting with one ice cold mug of tea and one very happy dog.

You can find The Heart Of The Sea here along with many other Style Boxes available.

Alternately, and for even better value, Me My Suit & Tie’s Subscription Boxes are a great way to save money and expand your wardrobe every month.

Thanks guys and until next time remember, the devil is in the detail.