6 tips to a promotion this year!

Ok so this is it, 2018 is going to be your year and you know it. No more messing around, let’s knuckle down, focus and make this year career defining. This is your 6 step guide to making sure you get a promotion this year.

1. Get yourself a mentor!

Mentors can be invaluable when it comes to climbing up the company ladder. So if you don’t already have someone to look up to, then your first task of 2018 is to find one. Having someone already on your side who is in a more senior position than yourself can have a massive influence on those in charge of making the call. Having someone spreading the good news about you over a morning breakfast meeting will make sure your name gets a mention and will ensure you stand out from the crowd. A mentor can also be a great resource for career advice and information so get one.

2. Record your achievements.

Although your past performance may not necessarily have an impact on whether you get a promotion or not, you can certainly make a better case for yourself if you can clearly show what you have been up to. Those who get results, get ahead.

Make a list of all of your successes. Especially if you have been able to save the company money, resources or time.

3. Promote yourself!

Essentially you will have to start selling yourself. Not on a street corner but like any job interview you need to promote yourself in the best possible way. We are taught that modesty is a virtue but if no one knows how great you are, you may not even be considered. You need to make yourself a known quantity. If you have had a few impressive successes recently make sure people know about it - especially the sort of people who will be doing the promoting.

4. Become friends with your boss.

Establishing a positive relationship with your boss will obviously help your case when they are deciding who to promote this year.

A meeting or during one of your appraisals is a great opportunity to showcase your passion for your job but is also the perfect time to discover a bit more about your boss. See if you can find some common interests or hobbies that they are into outside of work. You can then use this information to build a relationship slightly more meaningful than the professional ones held by your colleagues.

5. Grow your skill set.

Improving yourself is never a bad idea. Growing your knowledge and skill set in areas important to the company will give you the opportunity to apply for roles which previously would have been out of your reach. Take a look at your company and see if there are any weak links or areas which could be improved. Learning skills needed rather than skills already acquired by your boss will give you a much higher chance of promotion.

6. Be Mr Reliable.

Earn a reputation for being reliable, dependable and professional at all times. It is time to act and look the part. Make sure you are always on time and try to keep your sick days to an absolute minimum. Dress like you mean business. Your shoes should always be polished and your suit clean and pressed. Accessorise with classy ties and pocket squares to add character and individuality to your look. An easy way to make sure you are always looking the business is with a Me My Suit & Tie subscription. This year, you want to stand out for all the right reasons.