Are you “Mr Average”? (and what you can do to be better)

Are you Mr Average?

So, I appreciate that it is not exactly the most flattering way to describe oneself. And, before I continue I would like to admit that I have always rather depressingly felt that I am indeed an average sort of guy. I don’t consider this a negative reflection of my 33 years spent becoming the man that I am today but I’ve always seemed to find myself in that middle ground between the two ends of a judgmental scale. The dull grey if you like between pitch black and brilliant white. Lukewarm and mediocre with middle of the road cliches thrown in for good measure. Not bad but then again not great in equal measure…  

However, before I/we cast judgment,  there is one important question which must be answered…

What exactly is average and is there anything we can do to ascend?

Let’s have a look at statistics surrounding the average UK man and what can we do about it.


Average Age: 40

According to the Office for National Statistics, The average age for a man in Britain is 40. And better, healthier lifestyles mixed with continual medical advances have increased life expectancy from 75 years in 1990 to 81 years today.  

What can I do?

Well straight off the bat this is obviously tricky one to change. Unfortunately, there is not much I can suggest to instantly change the amount of years you have been on this earth. But I’d concentrate on health. Making sure you’re eating and drinking the right things and getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night will contribute to a more youthful, healthier and generally happier you.

My blog How to look younger in 8 steps will help with tips on how to fight the ageing process.

Average Height: 5 foot 10 inches (UK)

This is based on statistics for the average UK male and so it would be fair to assume that half of you will be either 5ft 10 or above. Equally, the rest of you will be shorter. Now, I am all for the shorter guy. The stature of a man is not dictated by his physical appearance but by the way he holds himself and the way he treats those around him. However, if you do find yourself looking up to your friends, there are a few tricks you can employ to help yourself gain a couple of inches.

Shoe lifts: Lifts have been around for ages and they are probably the quickest and most effective option when trying to add a few inches. Essentially an inner sole for your shoes they will add height instantly. You just have to be careful what footwear you chose to wear them in. Boots work best and also shoes that sit higher around the higher ankle. Smaller shoes can be uncomfortably tight and difficult to disguise the heel sitting an inch or so above the sole.

Posture: Better posture can make you look both taller and thinner. When you hunch over or slouch, you immediately lose inches off of your height, which can also make you look heavier. By improving your posture, you can look taller without ever growing. It’s a simple change you can make in your life to make you look better and feel better.


Wear a suit (that fits): For a shorter gentleman, proportions should always be the most important consideration. Your garments should accentuate your silhouette and not be bulky. Baggy fitting clothes give a wider appearance and take away length and height.

  • Shorter Jackets – A shorter jacket will expose the leg more giving the illusion of height.

  • Narrower Lapels – lapels that are narrow keep the shoulders from looking wide.  A wider looking shoulder does nothing for adding “height” to a not so tall guy. Also, notch lapels instead of peak lapels will slim the chest and shoulders too which gives the appearance of length.

  • Slimmer Sleeve Widths – Arms hug the body and act as sight lines up and down a man’s physique. Slimmer sleeves add length to the arms making them appear lean as opposed to short a portly. The leaner and longer the arms appear, the leaner and longer you body will appear.

  • Higher Buttons – The positioning of the waist button (button stance) is critical because it will draw the eye upward along the body. Secondarily, a high waist button gives the appearance of a high waist and longer legs. This adds height as well.

Average Wage: £27,271

Before you start celebrating/consoling yourself, this data was taken by the Office For National Statistics from 21,563,000 people’s earnings, with averages broken down for each profession. Topping the charts were brokers, who earned £133,677 on average, followed by chief executives and senior officials (£107,703), aircraft pilots and flight engineers (£90,146) and marketing and sales directors (£82,962). At the other end of the scale are retail assistants (£10,296), hairdressers and barbers (£10,019), cleaners (£7,919), waitresses (£7,554) and bar staff (£7,404).

So how do you up your wage if you find yourself below the £27 grand mark?

Well it would seem you may have to find another or extra job if you find yourself in one of the lower paying industries. My blog may help if a career change is the way forward for you.

Alternatively, a promotion may be the answer. Find out what opportunities are available within your company/sector and what wage you can expect from them. My blog will give you some tips on how to get that promotion.

Average IQ: 100

According to a BBC poll, we’re all around the 100 mark. Two thirds of us fall into the 85 to 115 range, so if you’re hitting anything above 115 you’re in the nation’s top third. If you want to hit the one per cent of the intelligence aristocracy, you’ll need to score more than 135. Not sure where you rank? Take this free online IQ test.

If you happen to fall below the average 100 mark then you may want to become a student of life AND not just wealth, health and happiness. Study history, science, psychology, art, languages, math, music, etc. Learn how this world works. Add depth to your mind and character. Read at least one book a week. Start to notice the patterns. Intelligence all boils down to pattern recognition.

Buy the book Boost Your IQ by Carolyn Skitt, and play all the games. This book was written by Mensa nerds, so you can be guaranteed they know what they’re talking about.


So there you have it. To be honest, I wouldn’t look into it too much. None of this matters really. The only thing that matters is your happiness. Do whatever it takes to be above average in your wellbeing and positivity… everything else will follow.