How To: Fold the two-point pocket square

More depth and detail than your standard triangle…


A dressier style with a bit of flair, this type of pocket square fold is popular among business professionals.

Getting this fold right is actually easier than it looks – the process is really just the basic one-point fold, slightly off-centre.

  1. Lay it out

Take your pocket square (for a formal look go for a hand-rolled silk; for a more casual look experiment with fabrics such as linen) and place it down flat.

2. Halve it

Hold the pocket square along the diagonal, but make sure the corners don’t quite align - the uppermost triangle should fall to the left of the one underneath.

3. Start creating the packet.

Pinch the corner on the left-hand side and fold it in towards the middle of the pocket square.

4. Size it.

Fold the other side inwards and adjust these two side folds so that the packet ends up the same width as your breast pocket.

5. Install

Push it into your pocket until only the triangles are visible If you find it doesn’t stay in place, fold the base back against itself to make a thicker wedge.