How to wear: A Silver Tie

Silver is an often overlooked colour when it comes to neckties. Used almost exclusively for weddings, it is also a great choice for the races, a night out on the town or even at the office. The only rule (which please break if you should feel inclined) that I would suggest, is to make sure you pair it with a darker colour suit or jacket.  I would also recommend you keep to cooler colours as silver itself is firmly on the cooler end of the colour spectrum. This means blues, greys and blacks will always work well. Warmer colours like reds, yellows and browns can be tricky.


Dark Grey


Light Grey

All in all, silver is a very clean, sleek colour. It is therefore perfect for celebratory events where you’d want to look smart and respectful. Pair a silver tie with a classic white shirt and you’re sorted.

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