The Modern Gentlemans Guide: How to wear a lapel pin

Picking the right lapel pin for your outfit can be quite a headache, but knowing exactly how to wear it, can be equally important. For help with choosing what lapel pin to wear, my previous blog, which unimaginatively, I also titled: How to wear a lapel pin may help. This blog is more of a guide on how to wear it once that decision has been made.

Tip 1: Compliment your neighbours

A Lapel Pin can be a great way to add individuality and detail to any suit jacket, blazer or coat. For maximum impact try to wear a Pin which will compliment your tie and pocket square. If wearing a material pin, try to match it with the colour of your other accessories. Silver coloured metal pins tend to work better with cooler colours such as blue or grey and Gold metal pins with warmer colours like red or brown.

Tip 2: Pin it.

Your lapel pin should always be worn on the left lapel, where usually you will find a handy button hole, perfect for attaching your pin. Some jackets do not have a button hole but you can simply pierce through the material and the small hole will disappear as soon as the pin is removed.

Tip 3: Take Control

Long stemmed Lapel Pins can sometimes be a little uncooperative. There are a couple of options when it comes to taking control. If you want to keep the stem of the pin hidden, you can apply a strip of tape to the stem and stick it to the underside of the lapel.

Another bolder option or if you have run out of tape, is to pierce the pin back through the lapel and then attach the safety clasp on the top side. This will give you maximum control and also add a stronger visual impact.

Tip 4: Follow the line of your jacket.

Your lapel pin should add detail to your jacket without disrupting the natural flow or shape. To ensure your lapel pin compliments the line of your lapels, pin it at the same angle. Remember the line of your lapels will not be straight down, and neither should your pin.

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