Outfit of the week #12


Hi there, how are you? I hope life is treating you well and all that. Right, now that we have got the formalities out of the way I would like to start this blog with an apology. You see it has been quite a while since I have been in front of the camera and it seems to have had quite an effect on me. Whereas once I was a confident whippersnapper channelling my inner David Gandy, I now seem to have evolved (depressingly) into some slightly anxious moody Zoolander who can only face left. The result is a load of images where I take myself far too seriously and are constantly looking, of course, to my left. Like I said, an apology is in order and I dutifully betroth one to you all. However, the double breast is great and the outfit when matched with the Tobacco Style Box, is killer!

My mood however, was not completely unjustified. You see I am what some would call a Sun worshiper which is something Britain lacks at the best of times and especially in January. Ordinarily, I tend to spend most of January hiding from the world in a makeshift fort that I build out of pillows and various other pieces of bedding (the upside of being single). But this year is different and after careful consideration, I have delayed my fort building exercise as I concentrate on Me My Suit & Tie.

This decision was (like all of life’s tough choices) questioned immediately when I stepped out of my front door and into the rain last Sunday. My face which had reflected the mood of an excited, confident, fashion mogul quickly turned into that of a moody, angst-ridden teenager although I am secretly hoping to pass off my expression as brooding and mysterious…. Yeah right.


Another option of course, is simply to ‘cut out’ my ridiculous expression from the image altogether. #1stworldproblems

Anyway, enough about my face and lets get onto the real star of the show. The Outfit Of The Week which this week stars a beaut of a blue double breast which I have teamed with the Tobacco Style box and a pair of brown leather driving gloves acting as support.

The true art when it comes creating a modern gentleman’s look is knowing how to pair different items of clothing and accessories in a way that compliments each piece as a complete look. The beauty of this outfit comes from one particular point or points. The points I am referring to are the bluey/silvery dots found on the Silk and wool blended brown tie included in the Tobacco Style Box.


The reason this outfit worked so well is because the colour of the dots on this handsome silk & woollen tie paired beautifully with the colour of the jacket. However, it also paired equally with the colour of the chinos helping to connect the whole look together. It is a tiny detail but it is the subtleties in an outfit which can often make the biggest impacts.

I didn’t have to think about the pocket square as the one included in the Tobacco Style Box has been designed specifically to compliment the brown tie which alongside a pair of brown stripy socks, leather belt and cufflinks produces an impressive combination ready to wear.

Of course, I still had the decision of what shoes to wear and being that the weather was not lending itself favourably to ‘flip-flops’ I decided to wear my tanned wing-tipped brogues as I knew they would compliment my recently acquired brown leather driving gloves and complete the overall look.




So that is it for this, my latest entry into the Outfit Of The Week category. Join me next time where I promise to smile and look to my right at least once! Oh yeah, and there will be, as always, another gem of an outfit for me to share.

Till then remember, the devil is in the detail…..