Spotlight on: The Knight’s Sky Style Box


Shining the spotlight on Me My Suit & Tie’s effortlessly classic, The Knight’s Sky Style Box.

Trends come and go, but there’s something endlessly chic and timeless about the colour black. Now, before you start getting all technical on us – we’re aware that black is theoretically not a colour. But we’re talking in fashion terms, so try to give us this one guys.

A recent study surveyed over 1,000 people to find which colours they most associated with certain qualities. Black came out either first or second in every positive category, and also was not thought of very often in terms of negative qualities. 66 percent of women thought black was the most attractive colour on a man. These results held true the other way around, too, as 46 percent of men (the largest majority out of any of the colours) also preferred black on women.

Also included in the Me My Suit & Tie subscription service, the Knight’s Sky boasts a luxurious handmade black knitted tie and a white linen pocket square with a black trim. Black socks and a black anchor lapel pin* complete the set with a phial of Invictus to ensure the wearer smells as good as they look.

Included in The Knight’s Sky Style Box

  • Tie: Knitted and handmade, black necktie. (150cm long 7cm at widest point)

  • Pocket Square: A lightweight, 100% linen white pocket square with a black trim. (32 by 32cm)

  • Lapel Pin*: An easy to attach black anchor lapel pin with clasp. (2cm)

  • Socks: Soft and breathable black socks. (80% Combed Cotton 18% Polyamide 2% Elastane)

  • Paco Rabanne – Invictus: Fresh and sporty Paco Rabanne tester phial (1.5ml)

Style Tip:

If you want to ‘dress down’ your look, a foolproof way to ensure your outfit ties together is to match the colour of your tie to the colour of your trousers. This will provide a strong base to influence what colour jacket or blazer you opt for.

Like the look of The Knight’s Sky Style Box? Click here to have a closer look.

*When received as part of the subscription, the Knight’s Sky Style Box lapel pin may vary.