The #1 mistake men make when choosing a pocket square

For me, the humble pocket square is an important part of any man’s wardrobe. The easiest way to add a sophisticated detail to a suit jacket or blazer, I never dress without one.


It is, however, often overlooked by many guys who for some reason choose not to wear a pocket square. It may just be that some guys just don’t think about it, or perhaps they are not sure how to wear one. Regardless of the reason, I still firmly believe that a pocket square can help add diversity and character to any smart outfit.


Forgetting what type of fold you opt for, there is only one rule to consider when choosing what pocket square to wear. Or to be more specific, what pocket square you wear in partnership with a tie.


Now, you may be unorthodox and work backwards from the pocket square but for most, the tie is the first consideration, and then the pocket square. Try to follow the rule that your pocket square and tie should never match in colour and pattern.


For me, this is a massive faux pax, it shows very little imagination and it can look like you are wearing a Christmas present your aunt Nora bought you for your 16th birthday.



This is an example of a tie paired with an exact pocket square. Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate this can be more a matter of taste but doesn’t it look too uniformed? It is obvious there has been very little thought involved in putting this look together. It also, as I have touched on, shows little imagination and allows little opportunity for any personality to see.





So instead, try to pick a detail from your tie to work with. This could be a certain colour or pattern that catches your eye. Then try to find that same detail in a pocket square. This is the easiest way to ensure a complementary (not matching) pairing.

For examples of perfect pairings, check out Me My Suit & Tie Style Boxes. These collections take all the hard work out of paring different accessories together.