The must have father’s day gifts 2017 (regardless of your budget)

Heads up! Father’s Day is coming up on 18 June, and it’s about time you started thinking about what present you’ll be giving to the man who sacrificed his freedom and excess cash to raise you. If your dad is the kind of man who appreciates the finer things in life, I’ve racked my brain to come up with the ultimate gift list. Whether your budget is £10 or *ahem* £100,000, I have compiled a list of ideas that are sure to impress - from shoe polish to submarines there is something for your old man regardless of your budget.

1. Lapel pin / Cufflinks from £8

There is no better way to add detail and style to a formal look than with a pair of cufflinks or lapel pin. Starting from only £8 you can get your dad a stylish accessory he will actually wear whilst keeping your finances reserved for more important matters… like the pub.

2. Shoe polish kit £10

If your dad is meticulous about his brogues? The Dapper Chap Shoe Shine Kit will keep them buffed and looking spiffy this fathers day.

Full of vintage elegance, it comes in a handy travel case and features 4 different brushes, 2 cloths, neutral and black shoe polishes.

At only £10, this shoe polish kit is a great option for those on a tighter budget.

3. Camera clip for phone £12.99

What about encouraging your dads creative potential this year? Release his inner Brian Duffy with a gift that will allow him to produce professional-style photographs from his smartphone or tablet. This Camera Clip Lens offers a choice of 3 lenses he can simply clip onto his device to use. There’s a wide angle lens so he can get more into his shot, a fisheye lens with a spherical distortion that allows him get everything in the picture, and a macro lens for the perfect close-ups.


4. Back shaver £27

Back hair is a common gripe for many men and even more so as we enter our ‘golden years’. This neat gadget will allow your dad to ‘deal’ with his unsightly back rug without having to incorporate the efforts of your poor mother.

baKblade® has become the leader in the back shaving industry. Their patent-approved technology involves a unique blade and teeth arrangement that creates the closest and quickest shave for their customers and is bar none the leader in the industry.

5. Style Boxes from £30

Forget the novelty socks or cheesy tie this year. Instead, why not treat your dad to a Me My Suit & Tie Style Box? From £35 every Me My Suit & Tie Style Box has been designed to contain a perfect ensemble of accessories. A collection with the sole purpose of transforming any suit into an eye-catching outfit perfect for the modern gentleman.

His Style Box will contain accessories elegant enough to be worn as an independent, stand alone pieces, or added to an already existing wardrobe. The result is a refined selection which will add individuality and character to his look at the office, yet equally suitable when he is celebrating life’s special occasions.

6. Giant Toblerone bar £75

Now we all know that every dad LOVES Toblerone… If he doesn’t, I’d suggest he take a paternity test. So with that in mind what about appeasing his sugar cravings as well as increasing his chance of diabetes with this Giant Toblerone Swiss milk chocolate with honey and nougat. With a weight of 4.5kg and a length of 80cm this truly is a GIANT bar of chocolate. All in all, a fantastic gift which guarantees an impactful surprise!

7. A personalised painting from £100

I added this as I couldn’t find anywhere online to get a personalised statue or waxwork made. I did however come across this which is also pretty cool.  Nobilified can fulfil all of your dads fantasies of being a member of the medieval aristocracy, a famous athlete or a powerful Greek god! Perhaps he has always wanted to have a pet velociraptor or even a wookie? Maybe he wants to wrestle a bull with his rippling muscles or make friends with a yeti? If not, he may simply want to lead an army to battle, perched atop a fire breathing robot unicorn? Simply upload a photo of your old man and e voilá! A bit like Moonpig - just better.


8. Golf net £308

Dads like golf right? Not as much as Toblerone (I am sure of that) but if your dad one of those who spends most weekends down the local green then this is for him! The Net Return™ Home Series is the only golf net in the world that automatically returns the ball back to the golfer. A Home Series net can also handle golf ball speeds of 200 MPH with ease and provides a golfer with the ability to practice anytime and anywhere.

10. Drone £1098

If your dad is a fan of gadgets and gizmos and you fancy spending a bit more this year then why not treat him to a privacy encroaching drone? The DJI Mavic Pro is fast, sleek and foldable for easy transport. It also has a ton of programable options like follow me mode, track me, hand gesture control, fly by fpv or phone and even has a 4k camera with excellent stabilisation. With a range of 4.3 miles it also has a beginner mode so he is less likely to crash it or send off over the horizon never to be seen again.

10. Bullet Proof Suit £17,000

It may seem like a lot of money but is £17,000 really too much to protect the man who protected you for the first few years of your life? Treat him to this bulletproof suit and he’ll not only look and feel dapper, he’ll also be impervious to bullets. This high-end luxury suit is tailored to look professional and stylish while still offering the protection he needs for his top secret missions… to the pub.

11. Submarine £100,000

What would be the coolest gift to get your dad if money was no object? Maybe a Rolls Royce, a gold fidget spinner or cryogenic freezing? or maybe, just maybe… a submarine! Move over Jaws, because here comes the shark submarine. This high performance submersible is guaranteed to make your dad the biggest and baddest fish in the entire ocean and have him shredding through the water in ways he never thought possible.

Happy Gifting…