The Things You Should NOT Do This Valentines


1. Try not to be creepy.


Keeping an element of mystery surrounding your valentine’s gifts and card/s is all well and good. And disguising your handwriting can be a sure-fire way to throw your Valentines off the scent. But remember there is a line… THERE IS ALWAYS A LINE. A few years ago a girl I used to work with showed me a card she’d received with a soppy message inside made up of individual letters cut from various newspaper headlines. This created a more serial killer vibe than serial romancer and is a perfect example of crossing the line.


2. DONT gift a cuddly toy (unless you are 11)

The whole point of Valentine’s is to show how much you care, which unfortunately should involve a small degree of effort on your behalf. Cuddly toys are the domain of the desperate. Next time you find yourself in Clinton’s browsing an array of polyester animals clutching love hearts ask yourself this. How would you feel if everything goes surprisingly well and the object of your affection invites you back to their place for a ‘coffee’, only to reveal a boudoir festooned with more soft toys than a build a bear workshop!


And for those that need a little extra help….


  1. Did you get enough sleep? 
  2. Let’s just get a Mcdonalds.
  3. I am clueless so what do you want to do?
  4. Is that really what you are going to wear?
  5. I’m a modern man so want to split the bill?
  6. Listen, we need to talk.
  7. Personally, I think Valentines is just a waste of money.