What a girl wants for Valentine’s Day

So it’s here again… Valentine’s Day (February the 14th in case you’re not sure) and the guys at Me My Suit & Tie have asked me to explain what women want. A female perspective if you like on a day that so many men seem to struggle with.


It is known for being one of the most romantic days of the year, and it is an opportunity to show that special someone just how much they mean to you.  For some guys this is easy, they just seem to have it figured out. For others, it is not so simple.


For some men Valentines is a day that begins with waking up in a cold sweat, followed by an anxiety ridden and predictable panic shop. This last-minute rush can often result in a selection of heart shaped chocolates which may or may not have been chosen last year. Or (if she is lucky) the classic ‘I love you teddy bear’ which will be proudly placed on top of the 50 cushions she is hoarding on her bed.


Admittedly, for some girls, this is enough but I can’t help but feel you can be a little more romantic. What does she really want instead of that (soon to be forgotten about) teddybear?

Here are 5 ideas that I think, will knock her socks off and make her fall in love with you all over again.

1. Mark the date.


First of all, show her you really do want to celebrate the day; most men don’t even bother mentioning it, downplaying it all. Show her she’s wanted and how lucky are you to have someone to share Valentine’s Day with. Let her know how lucky you feel. Mark the date and keep it free and be passionate about it. Even if you do secretly hate this whole valentine day ordeal. She will be the happiest girl in the world knowing how excited you are to celebrate with her.

2. Make it personal


Okay so flowers are good, lots of women like flowers BUT she wants to see that you’ve put in a reasonable amount of effort and thinking time. Anyone can buy a gift but it takes a true gent to remember what she likes and certainly what she doesn’t like. Spend the time on making a gift personalised. Don’t just go for the predictable red roses. Spice it up and buy her some in her favourite colours, even if it does mean going into a handful of shops to find the perfect ones. Her smile will make it all worth it.

3. Surprise her.

You make the plans. Take charge and show her that even though you can be a bit of a Grinch at times you really do care. Making memories and sharing experiences together.  She will adore the fact that you want to make more beautiful memories that you can both look back on. Maybe take her to the place you first met or somewhere new she’s always wanted to go. Probably giving her a heads up a few hours before you leave as every girl needs time to apply the perfect shade of lippy and to find her pink scarf that perfectly matches her bobble hat.

4. Show your romantic side.

‘I love you’ is a phrase that is said daily. Obviously, it’s one of the most romantic things you can say and pretty much makes everyone feel loved. But as it is Valentine’s day after all use this as an excuse to be creative and to be a little different. Don’t be MR. Boring and give her a card with a phrase or poem already printed on it. Buy a blank card or even write a handwritten note. Write about her, how you feel and What she does that makes you smile. Maybe even write about one of your incredibly cheesy not so funny ‘inside jokes’…. her heart will burst with love.  

5. You, your time and attention.  

At the end of the day, all she really wants is you! Her partner in crime to just be there with her, not just physically but mentally too. Turn your laptop off, stop checking your emails and switch off from your daily distractions. Talk to each other listen and enjoy the time together. Women really only want simple things and that is to be loved.

Who would of thought it…?  It really is all about the little things in life. Go and call that special someone and mark the day. Start planning your ideas and inspire yourself to be the best boyfriend, fiancé or husband that’s ever been. Trust me, you’ve got this!

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