Why you need a knitted tie in your wardobe.

I have to admit, I was quite late onto the scene. I spent most of my twenties with quite a narrow-minded view point on the ol’ necktie. Sure, I had many different colours and patterns hanging up on my tie rack but every single one was silk. I never really considered different fabrics or materials. This however changed as I entered my thirties and my fashion sense along with my radio stations matured. It was a beautiful day the first time I purchased my first knitted tie. The sun was shining and I had already managed to beat my best score on Candy Crush! I knew the moment I laid my eyes on the unusual knitted weave that it was time to diversify my tie collection. I bought it, I wore it and I never looked back. I loved it so much, I now spend most of my time encouraging any guy who asks for fashion tips to include one of these in his arsenal.

So why do I recommend getting a knitted tie? The knitted tie is without doubt the king of casual ties. You can throw it on with your suit for a laidback, casual look. Perfect in the middle of summer and in the depths of winter, the knitted tie is suitable all year round. You can even wear one of these with a pair of jeans without looking like a supply teacher! Its diversity makes it a must-have in my book.

But there are a few rules that you need to remember when you’re choosing, wearing and tying your knitted tie. Luckily, as something of an authority on ties, I’ve got your back.

Here are my top tips for wearing a knitted tie:

The Right Knot

Knitted ties tend to come in a slimmer width and also more malleable fabrics — you’re not going to be able to tie all the same knots you would with a standard silk or cotton variety. We recommend a smaller knot like the four-in-hand or simple knot. This will let the knit tie shine and won’t leave your knot looking too large for the width of the tie.

The Right Collar

With a smaller knot comes a need for a more purposeful collar. The straight collar or button-down are two staples you probably have in your closet. They have narrower spreads, which are better for small knots. Steer clear of the spread or cutaway collar — their wider styles won’t frame your knit tie as well.

Keep it casual

The real beauty of the knitted tie is how chilled out and louche it looks. (For the ultimate ‘I don’t care’ look, keep the back of the tie unfastened to the front so that it is free to appear.)

My favourite way of wearing a knitted tie is with a woollen winter suit – a dark navy suit with a knitted tie during winter? It’s classy and classic, with just a hint of cool. Perfect for the office, weddings and any other formal occasion, really.

The perfect travel buddy

Unlike other styles, knit ties are wrinkle-resistant and ready for travel. They make champion accessories when you’re on-the-go, so toss a few in your carry-on for your next trip. They won’t have creases when you arrive and you’ll automatically upgrade your vacation style or impress the out-of-town client you’re pitching to.

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