5 Different Ways to Wear your Blue Blazer

One of the most versatile items for any man is the blue blazer. The tart of your wardrobe, it can seemingly be in a harmonious relationship with your polo-neck one day before holidaying in the South of France with your chinos the next!

To show you just how versatile it is we have selected 5 different ways you can wear the blue jacket to show how suitable it can be for any occasion.

1. Formal


We have forgone the obvious formal attire of blue suit jacket with the matching trousers because it is a bit too…. obvious. Instead, a good alternative to achieve a formal look but with a more relaxed look is to opt for jeans. The trick when wearing jeans with a more formal ensemble is to make sure they are plain in design and colour.

Ideally the colour of your jeans should be darker than the colour of your jacket. Keep away from bold designs or artistically placed paint or bleach spots. Jeans with massive rips on the knees are a definite no-no, and try to steer clear of obvious branding. You don’t want to look like a walking advert. The only reason for someone doing this is to show the world around them just how much money they have burned buying their hideous jeans with diamontes on the back pocket… Just don’t do it, you’ll look like a tit!

The other key is to make sure your jeans are fitted! I can not stress how much it pains me to see a beautiful suit jacket or blazer worn with jeans last seen on a 90’s hip hop rapper! Equally I would steer clear from ultra skinny almost sprayed on skinny. Those jeans that leave little to the imagination should be left at home… in the bin.

A pair of slim fitted jeans, the same colour as your jacket can be worn with a shirt, tie, pocket square etc to give you a smart look but with a modern twist.

2. Semi-Formal


Any man who owns a blue blazer should automatically add a pair of cream chinos to their wardrobe. There are very few pieces of clothing which pair as well with a blue blazer than a pair of chinos. In fact, it would be advisable to get a few different colours as they manage to merge that line between formal and casual so well.

However, if you only want to purchase one pair go for cream as they will compliment almost any item of clothing smart or casual. When dressing semi-formal, a simple plain jumper is also perfect under a blazer. This can be dressed up when worn over a shirt and tie or dressed down when worn on its own. For that Tom Ford effect opt for a grey or brown polo neck with matching brown shoes.

3. Safe Casual


One of the more recent trends when wearing a blazer is the denim shirt. The good thing about this look is that i bet every guys wardrobe in the country contains at least one denim shirt.  Traditionally the denim shirt is seen as a casual piece. It has however been enjoying more of a smarter role playing co-star to the suit jacket. Although never worn with a full suit it can be a great option for those casual affairs when you fancy making a bit more effort.

This again shows how versatile the blue blazer is compared to other colours. The blue denim works so well with the blue of the jacket. I would advise against wearing a blue denim shirt with a black jacket for example… Try to keep the colours harmonious. Although, mixing colours can have a really eye-catching effect, having a blue jacket that you know works well with any denim shirt negates any risk of getting it wrong.

4. Layered Casual


A few months ago I saw an image of a fairly handsome man (6/10) wearing a denim jacket under his Blazer. It took me a few seconds to make up my mind on this unfamiliar look in front of me. However, when I did come to my conclusion it was one of euphoria and jubilation.

Okay, maybe not that dramatic but I did think it looked really cool. It was different and I like that. Not for those wanting to blend into the background but a great option for anyone wanting to try something different. Also simply from a practical angle it is a great way to add layers in cooler months. Admittedly this look won’t be for everyone but then again neither was evolution at one point. Think of me as Darwin.

5. Casual Tee

Sebastian Ford blue blazer t-shirt glasses


The easiest way to dress down a blue blazer is to simply opt for a t-shirt. Long sleeved is my personal preference because i still like to display a certain amount of ‘cuff’ from the jacket sleeve. In saying this though, short sleeved will also work well. Just try to make sure that the t-shirt is plain. Keep away from the ‘Iron Maiden’ or ‘I lost my heart in Bangkok’ printed t-shirts. This also includes t-shirts with slogans such as ‘one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor’.

As you are probably not planning on attending any formal occasion with this look, more casual jeans can be worn. Although still avoiding any garish designs and always ensuring that they are fitted, a lighter coloured or slightly detailed design can sometimes work. I would also go for clean trainers as smart shoes can often look too formal when worn with such a casual look, even though you are wearing a suit jacket.    

So there it is, 5 different ways you can wear your blue blazer. For more inspiration on possible looks check out the other Look Of The Week blogs or follow us on Instagram or Twitter @memysuitandtie for daily style inspiration.

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  1. Brittany says:

    Love! Love! this post! Witty, spot on, upbeat and a down-right great read! I’m passing these tips onto my hubby! Love the “ingredients” portion. Thanks Sebastian!

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