Me My Suit & Tie Presents The Halloween Special


‘Tis the season to be…. oh wait not yet.’

So it is that time of year again. In a few days time parents up and down the country will forgo traditional social rules. Children will be encouraged to dress up as mythical creatures, knock on random strangers doors and demand sugary treats, using the threat of vandalism to ensure compliance. It is of course, every Goths favorite time of year, Halloween.

It seems that for just one night a year intimidation and a high sugar intake is actively encouraged, and it’s not just the little blighters who will be celebrating ‘All Hallows Eve’. Bars, clubs and homes will be turned into settings not too dissimilar to that used on the set of ‘Bram Strokers Dracula’ and ‘Michael Jacksons Thriller’ will receive its annual surge of airtime.

It is time for all of us to dress up, slap on some face paint and try to get the right balance of looking dramatic and quirky without looking too weird and downright ridiculous.

This year I am unusually prepared. Ordinarily, I am an unorganised mess, leaving it to the last minute and rushing around like a lunatic. Last year I had to resort to wrapping loo roll around my body in a futile attempt at replicating the look of an Egyptian Mummy…. it didn’t work.

However, this year I have actually planned my outfit and have even managed to convince my good friend and talented prosthetic makeup artist Jemma to help me out.

It is rare that I wear a bow tie but being a dinner jacket, for me it is a must. It is true that you can get away with a regular neck tie when wearing a DJ but traditionally a bow tie is the rule. Thankfully I was also able to find the perfect bow tie. With a similar metallic look it compliments the material of the suit perfectly, it is just a shame that it doesn’t spin around or light up as I know that would be a real crowd pleaser.

Like always the accessories are always important. Remember the devil is in the detail. For this particular look I opted for a plain straight pocket square which I teamed with a gold skull lapel pin which feels suitable considering the occasion.

Adding these items to my ensemble always adds character. God forbid someone else turns up wearing the same suit!! Having these added details can help individualise any outfit and save potential embarrassment. Of course, this is the point where I remind you how you can ensure your individual style is safe with one of our wonderful men’s subscription box services. Individuality in a box ( actually that is a great tag line…..) can be found here.

Once I had my outfit selected it was down to Jemma to transform my face into something that would be more suitable for Halloween. We’ve decided on a skull. It seems to be the best option considering the suit I have chosen. A vampire is a bit obvious and I hate those fake teeth that never fit in your mouth properly.

Plus I also wanted to wear makeup in public for a change.

It just so happened that the insanely talented Rob Parfett @rob_parfitt89 was free to capture the look for this blog, which was so much fun we thought we would record the whole process and upload it available for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Halloween everyone.

With thanks to Jemma Little for the make-up and Rob Parfitt for shooting the whole experience.

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