My personal tastes have changed dramatically over the years and in turn, my tie’s of choice have varied equally as dramatically. From my Bart Simpson tie (which was super cool) when I was seven, to the skinny ties I wore in my late teens. My ties have always been a reflection of my character.

There are so many different ways to wear a tie. First and foremost, your tie should say something about yourself. A visual guide to your mood or character, in a time where most suits tend to be quite dark and formal. A tie can be the best way to express yourself in an environment, where looking uniformed is the requirement.

Nowadays ties are available in a vast array of colours and shapes. Different patterns, prints, fabric and lengths, so you are guaranteed to find at least one or two to suit you.

How you tie or knot your tie can also vary. From the basic Four-In-Hand, the Windsor, through to the more adventurous knots such as the Trinity or Eldridge. How you choose to tie your knot is also up to you.

It’s not just the tie itself that can represent yourself. The way you choose to wear your tie or rather, what you wear it with can have a dramatic effect. Pocket squares are a personal favourite of mine and I rarely wear one without the other. How you match your tie to your pocket square can result in a unique look.

The only rule I adhere to is try not to match your tie and pocket square in colour and pattern. Take a look at Me My Suit & Tie’s Pocket Square blogs for tips and our exclusive Tutorials to help you approach this option.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and patterns. The easy option is just to match tie and pocket square with a plain shirt. For example, a polka dot tie should have a polka dot pocket square. Although, this is completely acceptable it seems just a bit easy.

For a real powerful and unique look, try mixing dots with stripes, or maybe throw in some checks or pinstripes. Literally try everything and anything… it might just work.

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