I was awoken annoying early on Sunday morning, by Will Smith’s Boom Shake The Room emitting from my phone, which reminded me that I really needed to change my ring tone. After answering the call, I was greeted by one of my friends, who is definitely a ‘morning person’ and for the record I am not.

He was inviting me to breakfast, which would now officially be brunch, followed by a mooch around the shops and inevitably ending with a couple of coffees in on of our favourite coffee shops. After some convincing, mainly the promise of divulging his previous evenings antics (which are always ridiculously entertaining) I dragged myself out of bed and jumped into the shower.

For a change, I was glad to be up. The sun was shining and due to my early night previous, I felt energised which is probably why I shunned my usual Sunday attire (jogging bottoms and comfy jumper) and opted for a slightly smarter look.

I have been seeing a lot of looks recently, consisting of a denim shirt worn underneath a blazer. This seems to be one of the ‘big things’ at the moment and I for one am a big fan. I picked out my favourite navy blazer, completed with leather collar and underneath decided to go for a light blue denim shirt, over a white v-neck t-shirt. The contrast between the smart/formal look of the blazer against the more relaxed denim shirt created an usual, yet attractive look.

I wore my yellow or mustard chinos, keeping the look relaxed and it was a sunny day after all and I always think bright bold colours look great when the sun is shining. My brown boots, along with my brown and gold pocket square (which I always try to sneak in whenever possible) simply paced in my pocket using the Single Puff technique completed the outfit.

All the elements in the outfit worked well together and I was pleased with the finished look. Unlike my breakfast, which was left unfinished after suddenly loosing my appetite after hearing my now suspected mentally unstable friend relay his previous evenings happenings.

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