Hello and welcome to Me My Suit and Tie. This is the first in the series of our exclusive Tie Knot Tutorials. Ranging from the simple Four in Hand knot, through to the more advanced knot, like the Trinity knot. We are sure there will be something for you, regardless of your current level of ability.

The first knot in this series is the Four in Hand. This is a discreet, narrow, asymmetric knot which (as tie knots go) is very simple to perfect. It is better suited to ties that are wider and that have heavier fabrics. The Four in Hand is a versatile knot, that can be worn by anyone and subsequently is from school kids to city kids.

It tends to be the first tie knot wearers learn to tie, so there is no better place to start. So grab a tie and find a nice mirror, preferably with flattering lighting and have a go. Any questions please contact us and we’ll do our utmost to answer them.

Next up in the series is the Half Windsor knot.

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