So you fancy an image change. Not quite a Caitlyn Jenner type change but a change nonetheless. Many guys are put off as it can often be seen as an expensive transition from ‘Dated Dave’ to ‘Fashionable Fred’. This however my enlightened friends is not true. There are in fact quite


No need to panic but we just wanted to issue a friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. Seven to be precise. For some of you this is not an issue – in fact being a single gentleman on Valentine’s Day is probably the best

So, I would like to start off by apologising for this much shorter addition to the Outfit of the Week collection. Usually, I have much more time to construct my weekly blog but as we draw closer to launch there is much more on my metaphoric plate. Although the

What do you suppose people think when they see you…? Do they think you’re cool, important, confident, depressed or pleasantly weird perhaps?! Sebastian Ford recollects and explores the Guessing Game. A game we have all played at one time or another. Read more

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